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Audio Processor for Radio and TV Station

The OPTIMOD 5500i – Competitive OPTIMOD audio processing in a compact package at the most affordable price ever
The OPTIMOD 5518 – Superb stand-alone stereo encoder with NO overshoots and RDS
In the toughest competitive environment ever, a winning strategy includes the OPTIMOD 8700i Audio Processor with Xponential Loudness™
OPTIMOD-TV 8685 Surround Loudness Controller, Artifact-Free Automatic Loudness Control Requires
Much More Than Just “Processing for the BS.1770 Meter.”
OPTIMOD 6300 – THE multi-purpose Stereo Audio Processor for Digital Media
Audio Mixing Card
PCIe Card Microsoft Windows® Audio Processing Card for Professional Broadcasters/Netcasters

AM and FM Transmitter Solution

World renowned AM and FM Transmitter Supplier in Bangladesh